The Secret to Raising a Well Behaved Child Nobody Told You

It is the dream of every parent to have the best child in the world. We all work really hard to teach them the best things so that they become well-behaved children and excel in their life.  Disciplining a 4-year child can be a tough task, but it can be a cakewalk if you are consistent and have a clear expectation. 

Isn’t it great to receive compliments on your parenting skills, it is obvious for us to feel extremely privileged when someone asks us “How do you manage to raise such a well-mannered child ?”.

Raising a well-behaved child is not rocket science, all you need is to follow the right technique and practice it regularly. The key to having a smart and well-disciplined child is simple, have a clear expectation and be gentle.

Here is the secret to raising a well-disciplined child, just follow these simple hacks and tips and enjoy beautiful parenting journey.

1.    Have Clear Expectations

It is obvious for the parents to have expectations, but make sure you don’t impose too much on the tiny soul. Over expectation can be harmful and it can affect their behaviour as well. Keep your expectations clear and consistent, teach them how to perform each activity like household chores, bedtime, behaving at school, etc.

 Be specific with your goals, for example, you cannot expect a 4 years old child to prepare their own dinner. You can expect them to help you with arranging groceries, making their bed, watering the plants, etc. When you have the right expectation, the results are always best.

2.     Be The Role Model

If we want our child to treat everyone with love, respect, care, and kindness then it is must for us to be a role model too. In short, you must model appropriate behaviour, you always have an audience and that is your child. It is obvious for you to get irritated and not always react normally, but there is nothing wrong in apologizing in front of your child.

 For instance, if you find someone cutting the shopping line, ask them politely to stand in a queue. Avoid being loud when you are around kids and elders.  You have the demonstrate good behaviour and manners so that your child follows your footsteps.

3.     Conquer With Love

Nothing can be as beautiful as the feeling of being loved. Be affectionate to each other, especially your child. When your child hears beautiful works like ” I Love You”, “How is your day sweetie ?”, “Are you alright” etc, they definitely feel loved. When your child is back from the school, greet them with a smile and ask about their day. When they are down, give them a tight hug, it means the world to them.

When you display love and affection to your child and family members, you are showing them the art of living happily. This is going to send a positive message to your child and at the end will also influence them to behave well with everyone.

4.    Problem Solving Skills

When the kids are exposed to problems during their early age, they also tend to work out and find the right solution. An important part of raising a disciplined child from an early age is to teach them problem-solving.

 Start early, let the child make their decisions like allowing them to choose what to wear, what story they want to listen, what toys they want to buy, etc. As they grow, they will have more opportunities to make decisions and this will also boost their problem-solving skills. 

5.    Use The Play Time

Some of the best opportunities to teach child good behaviour is during play time. Play time is the best chance where you can teach your child to be affectionate and friendly towards their friends. 

For an instance, during a play date between your daughter and their friends, you can ask the child to share their toys, cheer for their friend, follow the rules, accept defeat etc. If you involve the child well during play time, you are sending them the right message to be kind and well behaved with others even in bad situation.

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6.    Give Respect And Take Respect

When your kids are taught to respect others at an early stage, they will learn these skills and follow the same in the long run. It helps when they are angry and frustrated, they won’t be verbally or physically abusive since they are practicing respecting everyone from a tender age.

For instance, when any child or adult comes to visit your place, welcome everyone with a warm smile and say hello. If your child does not do them same, give them a gentle reminder. With time the child will practice it and follow the same in the future.

7. How To Handle Child’s Mistake

Our reaction can be a reason for our child’s failure and it can also have a long-lasting effect. Avoid being too harsh to them for their mistakes. Moreover, scolding the child in front of others can affect their self-esteem. It is best to talk in a calm way to the child, try to understand their point of view and be their friend. It is easy to raise a well-behaved child if we are an involved parent and are in touch with our child’s needs and what makes them happy. Always remember the key phrase “Gentle but Firm” which makes kids feel loved as well as responsible!

Hema Gayathri

I am Hema, HR turned full-time blogger based in Bangalore. I prefer to observe and analyze the real world and blog about my learnings. As a parent, I always look for the best possible ways and hacks to make parenting easy.  Stay tuned to this space and witness some healthy food recipes and tips to make parenting a fun journey.


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