7 Exciting Ways To Keep Your Child Engaged During Summers

Summers esp afternoons are the worst – you can’t make the child sleep nor send them outdoors. Keeping them engaged every day without gadgets is nothing less than launching a rocket. Keeping the kids occupied and their mind busy is the toughest job for all the parents. The worst is you cannot repeat the same activity every single afternoon because the kids can bore too quick.

Here are the top 7 exciting ways to keep your little one engaged during the summer afternoons.


I am sure there is no child in this world who does not have a fascination for colors and painting. Grab some vibrant colors and canvas sheet. Encourage the child to pour their heart and give wings to their imagination. It is a great way to boost imagination and keep them engaged indoors.

it is always exciting for the kids to splash some colors on the paper and showcase their masterpiece to everyone. You can give them a simple picture and ask them to copy or let them create something from their imagination. If your child is fond of any particular fruit, vegetable or cartoons ask them to draw it and fill their favourite colors.

2. Helping in Household Chores

A mother can never get enough help, isn’t it nice if you get some little help to wind up your household chores?  Let them help you with your everyday chores like cooking, gardening, arranging clothes, washing vegetables, peeling beans, etc. This is a brilliant way to engage the child indoors and the best part is you can also get some job done.

When you engage your child in household chores, they understand the sense of responsibility, discipline and time management. It is an excellent way to teach the child cleanliness and independence so that they can take care of themselves in the future also.

3. Reading

Every child loves stories, it is the best way to keep them occupied indoor. Books represent the whole new world to the child. Reading books is the best activity for a child’s brain development, imagination, and enhancing vocabulary. When your children spend more time is reading the book, you can be assured that they are in safe hands. This is the best start for their glorious beginning. You can start with comic books like Tinkle, Reader Digest, Amar Chitra Katha etc and gradually move to novels like Harry Potter, Charlotte’s Web, Anne of Green Garbles.

4. Role Play

This is one of the best activities to keep the child busy indoors, let the child imagine and recreate the same in the form of play activities.  Pretend play helps the child to be creative and understand various genres. Moreover, it is the best way to engage child for hours.

You can create a small play area and ask your child to create stories. Let the child act, you can choose your child’s favourite character or story and role play.

Activities to Boost Your Child’s Developmental Skills

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5.  Treasure Hunting

This is my child’s favourite indoor activity. How cool is to find the hidden things with your child. You can hide anything like a chocolate, a box of crayon, colorful erasers, fancy spoon, etc. All this is a treasure which your child needs to find after reading and cracking interesting clues.

The main aim of treasure hunting game should be complete fun. Let the child find the puzzle or read each clue to get the treasure. Try to include many number of clues so that the game can be enjoyed for hours.

6. Board Games

The market is flooded with many board games starting from Business to Ludo, everything can be super fun when you play the game with your child. It is a fun activity which improves memory and helps the child to develop strategic skills. If the child is too young for difficult games, you can always start with snake and ladder game.

Board games like chess, Ludo, monopoly helps the child to develop tactics, patience, failure, concentration and win. It is a cool way to bond with your child as well.

7. Craft

Crafting is a diverse activity which can keep the child engaged for good 2-3 hours indoor. Paper craft activities are the easiest choice, it lets the child express their creativity. You can begin using old newspapers and magazine. This also will encourage the child to know about recycling old papers.

If your child is little experienced, you can also use coloured papers or any craft papers to do paper crafts. Crafting needs a lot of time and patience, hence make sure to create something interesting for your child this will increase their curiosity.

These are some 7 best and easy way to keep your child engaged indoor during summer afternoon. These activities are great to develop key skills like creativity, imagination, development of fine motors, enhanced hand eye coordination, good agility etc  during the initial growing years. Moreover, the best of all is, you get to spend quality time with your child. Make the most of it and bond with your little one.

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