Benefits of reading for children you didn’t even know!

Children are always curious and reading helps them to understand things around them better. If you have worries regarding screen time then the best solution is to interact and engage children in reading and the first step towards this is reading to them while they are young and reading with them when they grow up enough to understand words and stories.

The importance of reading for children is tremendous. It develops their overall personality and you as a parent will also develop a special bond with your child.

Listing down the importance of reading for children:

  • Reading develops a child’s imagination: As you read about places and characters, the child starts to imagine things related to him. Children try to understand the emotions of the character and become empathetic. Also when a place is described, they imagine it and things in the picture.
  • Improves the focus of a child: It’s no news that children can’t focus on one thing for long. These curious minds are always in search of something exciting around them. Reading helps them to concentrate on one thing for a longer period of time. A toddler will obviously be more interested in turning pages, looking at pictures or even tearing pages. But if you continue to read to them, gradually they will show interest and will listen to you carefully. This will inculcate the habit of reading and improve their concentration.
  • Reading develops vocabulary: Reading is a wonderful activity that exposes children to new words every time they start with a book. This helps them to build new vocabulary without even trying hard or stressing over it.

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  • Reading improves language skills: Through reading, children subconsciously learn about the structure of the language. They understand the formation of the sentences and correct usage of the words. This way the language skills develop and it is beneficial for children in the long run as they have a good understanding of grammar too.
  • It becomes part of life: If the reading habit is inculcated in children, it becomes a part of their life. They develop self-discipline and enjoy spending time while reading. If you read to your toddler it will become a part of their life even when he grows up.
  • Develops writing skills: Along with the speaking skills, the writing skills of a child are also developed due to good knowledge of vocabulary, grammar, and sentence structure.
  • It’s fun and helps you spend quality time with your children: This one is the most important benefit you will get through reading to or with your child. You and your child will have lots of fond memories once he grows up. While reading to your child, he gets undivided attention. Believe me, every child loves it. He will forward to spending time with you while reading and so will you.
  • Helps them explore the world on their own: If your child starts enjoying reading, there is a big world waiting for him. He will learn about places, people, animals and every little thing in existence. Reading makes children curious and at the same time answers their questions.
  • It gives them a better alternative to screen time: We parents are constantly worried about reducing and limiting screen time for our children. Reading is the best answer to it. It helps them create their own world of imagination with the plot and characters of the book.

These are the reasons why reading is important for your children and why you should try to get reading in their routine at an early age. The early you start, the better it is. Personally, I started showing my baby picture cardboard books when he was months old and now we have shifted to colorful storybooks. He is the happiest when we spend time reading. So if you have not started yet, it’s a good time to start now because as they say, better late than never.

Few book recommendations for 6 years old and above age:

  • You can start with any Ruskin bond storybooks. The way he describes little pleasures of childhood is wonderful. Children relate with his school life description and honestly, you will too.
  • Deepa Agrawal writes great stories for children. ‘The Toy Horse’ is one such book by her that leaves a deep impact on children.
  • ‘Excuse-me is this India’ by Anushka Ravishankar will open a new world of imagination for your kid. The description of various places, people and the travel tale will make it your child’s favorite.
  • ‘Wolves’ by Emily Gravett is a picture book that will help your child’s imagination to work in every possible way. It’s a visual treat for children.
  • ‘Malgudi Days’ by R. K Narayan is one of the oldest fiction genre books and has also been adapted in television series. It is a collection of 19 interesting stories which children love.

These are my few recommendations. I hope I inspired you to start reading for your children and you will be #raisingreaders.

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