Make This Rakhi Special For Your Kids With These 6 Innovative Gift Ideas

Raksha Bandhan is that time of the year which reminds us about the special and pure bond we share with our siblings. Rakhi is celebrated in our country with great spirit and fervor, we all look forward to receiving gifts from our brothers, the same applies to kids.

It is a brilliant festival which gives ample opportunity for the parents to make their child understand about the sibling bond because this beautiful bond of brother and sister is eternal. Make sure your kids i.e., both girl and boy exchange rakhi and gifts, it is a beautiful way to teach the child about gender quality.

This Rakhi, let go of the usual and opt for these innovative ideas

1. Personalized Stuff

Every child enjoys personalized things like a personalized T-shirt with their name and favourite cartoon character printed on it. You can also look for personalized cushion, backpacks, water bottle, tiffin box etc with your kiddos name printed on it.  When it comes to personalized stuff as a gift to kids, you can never go wrong.

2. Handmade Cookies

How about give some work to the little hands??? Allow your little one to wear chef’s hat and bake some yummy cookies. This is one of the best Raksha Bandhan gifts which every child will enjoy. While baking the cookies, let your child decide toppings, colors, and flavour, this will give them a sense of accomplishment.

If you are a child enjoys baking and has a basic understanding of cooking, you can also prepare some colorful candies, cupcakes , cakes or their favourite dish.  A dash of love with a pinch of naughtiness will instantly enhance the flavour of food.

3. XploraBox  Subscription

Gift your child a big box filled with adventure, fun, learning, and innovation. The monthly subscription of XploraBox is loaded with numerous skill-enhancing activities which boost various motor, social and cognitive skills of your little one.

These theme-based educational boxes are power-packed with exciting projects, DIY, storybooks and cool games. The best part about XploraBox is, they have something unique for everyone. All you need is to select the age group of your child and make learning fun.

Activities to Boost Your Child’s Developmental Skills

Please select the age group of your child

4. DIY Clay Rakhi

I am sure your little one will be super excited to create a beautiful rakhi for their siblings using clay. You can try out a simple or creative design for the clay rakhi , it totally depends on your child’s creative level. Make sure you offer your helping hand to the child. The internet is flooded with simple and cute designs, take some inspiration and bring out your creative side and decorate the clay rakhi.

Here comes the best part about this! Don’t forget to add seeds inside it. I would suggest you to use seeds of vegetables like tomato, green chilli, onion, brinjal, let them grow their veggies. This will develop a child’s interest in gardening and they will be motivated to eat healthy vegetables. After wearing the rakhi, dissolve the DIY clay rakhi in the soil and grow the seeds into plants. DIY clay rakhi is not only an eco-friendly option but also is a brilliant way to promote the concept of green gifting and make the child understand the importance of planting a tree.

5. Surprise The Child

Remember all those things which your child was asking for, it could be anything like a pack of attractive colors pens, a dress, storybooks, shoe, toy, etc. Make this Rakhi special for your child by fulfilling their wishes. Fulfil your child’s reasonable demand, at the end of the day being a parent you know what is best for your child.

6. Gift An Experience

A child will always love to spend quality time with their parents and siblings. Spending quality time with the entire family during the festival is an incredible way to celebrate Raksha Bandhan.

 You can plan a family gets together, the trip to your child’s favourite adventure theme park, yummy lunch, boating or a picnic so that the kids have the best time. Moreover, you can always take suggestions from your little one to make the Raksha Bandhan more special.

Hope these above mentioned top 6 innovative gift ideas will make this rakhi special for your kids and your family. Make the most of this festival and let the child learn the beautiful bond of love, care, respect, and equality.  Make the most of this auspicious festival of rakhi to celebrate quality time with your family and loved ones.

Hema Gayathri

I am Hema, HR turned full-time blogger based in Bangalore. I prefer to observe and analyze the real world and blog about my learnings. As a parent, I always look for the best possible ways and hacks to make parenting easy.  Stay tuned to this space and witness some healthy food recipes and tips to make parenting a fun journey.


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