Let’s Bond Over Music!

Music is one thing that helps me connect with self and calms me down whatsoever the situation is. And when I heard about something called ‘Musical Bonding’ with children, I knew I had to know everything about it and do this with my kid! So here is everything you need to know about how to start musical journey for your kid, how to bond over it and what benefits and positive affects you will see by musical bonding with your child/children.

What is Musical Bonding?

Musical Bonding is a mother and child program where child is exposed to different kinds of music and sounds like for example resonator bells, egg shakers, tambourines and such objects. However, dads can also join with the child.

The main objective of the program is to help them identify musical beats, tunes and rhythms through sensory stimuli along with physical, social and emotional development of the children.

The technique works well with children as young as six months and you can do it even with your 6 or 8 year old.

Activities to Boost Your Child’s Developmental Skills

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Musical Bonding at home:

The musical journey of a child starts right with lullabies. Mother’s voice is naturally soothing to them as it’s the most familiar sound they heard in the womb. There are few things you can do to get benefits of musical exposure at home. Listing them below:

  • Try to play live instruments instead of recorded ones.
  • Play a soothing music so that she feels relaxed. It should not be loud or fast music. It creates confusion in the minds of children as they are not mature at identifying mixed beats and tones at the same time and loud music may cause harm to their hearing ability.
  • Sing to your infant and sing along with your toddler. It is fun and relaxing for both of you and also a great way to bond.
  • Dance with your toddler. Believe me! It’s very liberating and will strengthen your bond as the child will see the fun side of you.
  •  Encourage your child to make music. Teach them basic instruments. This helps them to be focused and also this will give them something of interest outside their academics right from the start.

This is how you can start at home. This will also give you (mom) moments of relaxation and break from daily chores.

There are now Musical Bonding Programs too

Taking this theory further, there are now musical bonding programs too for mother and child if you are not able to do so at home. It involves carefully designed series of activities focused on overall development of the child. The program is based on a simple theory of learning while playing. Children are focused and involved the most while playing, so Musical Bonding gives their focus a right direction. It helps to balance stimuli and motor skills.

Children are most comfortable when around parents. And so the bonding programs involve parents so that children feel safe, bond over music and learn simultaneously. The best part about this is that it seems like a play session, but it helps to develop their personality and emotional bonding.

Positive effects of Musical Bonding:

There are many benefits of Musical bonding for your kid as well as the relationship between the mother and the child. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Music combines well with other activities like dance, singing, play etc. This helps in overall development of the child right from a young age.
  • As this provides a great chance for parents to get involved, and to engage with their kids in a fun and relaxing way, which in turn, strengthens the mother-child bond.
  • Moreover, children get undivided attention of the parents. No mobile phones or house chores on the run. In this era of technical advancement, we somehow forget that children need our undivided attention for a better bonding and understanding. This is one great benefit we get through the musical bonding.
  • It helps to teach children the importance and joy of sharing. They become socially comfortable and their interaction skills develop as this can also become a group activity involving many children.
  • The hand eye coordination improves. It helps in improvement of cognitive as well as motor skills as all activities are designed in accordance with these skills. So they are able to identify patterns and it activates the parts of the brain responsible for music identification.
  • Any exposure to language is good for kids, and exposure to music is a great boost to their language skills and speech processing. They also get interested in making music, which helps, in sensory awareness and development of the brain.

Music creates a positive environment for kids and you should definitely consider doing this with your child. It will not only help them in early years but the benefits are visible in the long run.

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A Software Engineer and a Stay at home mom to Aarav. I worked as a teacher before becoming a mother. I thought it was a perfect time to take a break and live all the moments fully while taking care of my little one. I started blogging and found a long lost passion in life.


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