Raising an Early Reader – Tips and Book Suggestions

It’s a well-known fact that Reading a book to your child has numerous benefits. It promotes your child’s Brain development, Sparks Imagination and curiosity, Improves Vocabulary, and Strengthens your relationship with child. However, the Best part of Reading aloud to your child is helping them discover the world through your Book interpretation and in the process We parents also learn so many things which we might not have been aware about before Reading .I am proud to quote that my Vocabulary has increased to an extent since the time I started Reading aloud to my Kid.

We have introduced Books to my girl when she was 3-4 months old. Initially she enjoyed colorful Illustrations, touching the Pages and as she grew old (6-7 months) she started showing more interest / inclination towards Books by holding and Flipping the pages of the Books on her own. I remember after a year or so she used to hold the books and enjoyed reading aloud to her and sometimes even try to read on her own in gibberish language.

Reading Tips for Infant to Toddler Stage:

✔️Start Early when it comes to inculcating Reading Habits in your kid while making sure Reading to be a fun activity and not a forceful action. Add a tint of fun element by reading the content of the book in a fun way by making various noises and faces to express the emotions of the content and your child will truly enjoy it. My Girl is 2+ now and literally asks me to read that way and this is one of the main reason she looks forward to same Book each single day without getting bored of it.

✔️Consistent Reading is the Key. Set a dedicated time of 15-20 mins on daily basis for Reading aloud to your Kid

✔️Hand over Books to your little one for Exploring & Playing.

✔️When you read aloud to your kid and your kid reciprocates back by smiling or giggling then be sure to Respond to your Kid by asking whether he/she likes the particular Book.

What kind of Books should be considered for Infants up to 2 years

✔️Touch &Feel Books

✔️Textured Books

✔️Books having more of illustrations with Bright colors

✔️Books with Sounds Feature

✔️Rhymes Book (Parents can sing the Rhymes as a part of Bed time routine)

 When my Daughter reached the Toddler stage we started adding variety of Books to her collection .We mainly focused on the Books which were intended to make toddlers understand and learn about colors, alphabets, Fruits, animals etc. through catchy Illustrations-Truly one of the best ways in my experience to get your toddler ready for Preschool.

Reading Tips for Toddler Stage:

✔️Explore variety of Books based on your Toddler Interest.

✔️Whatever you read to your Kids, make sure to show them practically as well. That way your kid will feel more connected to Books, learn fast and will look forward to Reading times in a quest to explore things practically.

✔️Don’t limit the Reading to just Books. Hand over newspaper, magazines to spark the interest in Reading.

✔️Design a small colorful reading space which catches your kids attention plus where all the Book are kept within your toddlers reach .The more your kid is glued to the reading space, the more will be the probability of picking up the Book and Read.

✔️Get your toddler involved in Reading by asking to communicate what they understand while you read out loud to them.

✔️Show them your city’s Library if possible by taking a small tour. Kids will be happy to explore a place with huge number of Books 🙂

✔️Carry your Toddler Books when travelling so that your kid always have the option to Read besides toys.

Activities to Boost Your Child’s Developmental Skills

Please select the age group of your child

What kind of Books should be considered for Toddlers??

✔️Story, Tales

✔️Books on Moral Values

✔️Books which are intended to teach i.e. Colors, Fruits, alphabets, Numbers etc.

✔️Book on Indian culture & Mythology 

✔️Activity Books

What is the right age/ time for Reading??

There’s no limit to a fun activity like reading. You can start as early as 6months.

When it comes to inculcating pre-kindergarten language development skills in Babies /junior toddlers, every time of the day is right but it’s helpful to set a Reading schedule for some good amount of time on daily basis.

Which Language should I read in?

You can choose the language you are comfortable with and not has to be necessarily English language. The idea is to inculcate Reading habit in kid, help them understand and learn the emotions, the way to express and develop the language skills in a fun and interesting way. However, you must include books of the language you want your child to pick up quickly as reading is a great way to learn the language too.

A Sneak Peek of Our Favorite Reads:

My toddler is 2.5 years and we have Read 40+ Books till date

Do have a look at our Favorite Reads below 🌼

✔️”Amma Tell me Series” by Bhakti Mathur

The ‘Amma Tell Me’ Series is a charming and informative series of children’s books that introduces the major Hindu festivals and figures to young readers in a fun and non-preachy way. Written in rhyme with vivid, captivating illustrations.

Age Category: 2 years+

✔️Dino Staury -The Dino Staury Books are series of Children Story /activity Books imparting Indian Values with a Modern Twist .The Illustrations of the Book are beautiful and Revolve around Dino Gang which are sure to catch Kids attention.

Age Category: 18 months+

✔️Eric Carle-We love the Books from Eric Carle with simple stories and catchy Illustrations specially “The Very Hungry Caterpillar ” has been a hit at our home

Age Category: 18 months+.

✔️Miniature Books

Any Miniature Book works great for kids as they can hold it comfortably and can be carried easily by kids anywhere. I prefer stocking on lots of Miniature Books for that reason .Our current favorite in the category is  “This is the Bear ” by Sarah Hayes and Helen Craig.

Age Category: 1 year+

✔️LadyBird Big Noisy Book -The Farm Hullabaloo :

This is a great Book depicting Farm house scenes with 8 sounds Buttons having animal sounds illustrated in the Farm .A must buy book for kids

 Age Category: 18 months + Hope you all enjoyed Reading my experiences on how I helped my Girl to fall in Love with the Books 💙 Happy Reading!

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