7 Must Learn Life Skills For Every Child

We all want our kids to be Independent and successful in all spheres of Life and for that reason we strive to provide them the right Environment and schooling. While a Good School is the Foundation of the Great Education and can guarantee an academic and financial success but Good Grades does not always Guarantee a Successful Life.

That’s why it’s important to Teach Certain Skills to our Children, which will help them to handle the challenges of Life in a better way when they grow up as an individual. Any Skill, which can be useful for your kid in their lifetime is considered as Life skills i.e., Cooking, Swimming etc. 

I always strive hard to teach few Skills to my 3 years old daughter on Daily Basis (Most of them are certainly those skills which I was deprived of and I felt the need of learning those during my College days later). Let’s look at few simple yet effective Life skills from my experience, which I feel, should be inculcated in every Kid right from the time kids start school/preschool and start interactions with out others outside the family, i.e., 3-4 years of age onwards.

1. Basic Chores 

It’s extremely important we teach our kids Basic chores from the childhood stage itself so that they are not blank, wondering what do to when no one is around in the event of circumstances like Moving to New place/Hostel, Dislike of Taste, New Job, Maid on Leave etc. Just involve your kids in the day to day activities at home and that’s how they end up in Learning.


✔️Organizing & Cleanliness 


✔️Grocery Shopping 

✔️Basic First-Aid 

✔️Saving Money in a Piggy Bank 

✔️Table Manners 

Activities to Boost Your Child’s Developmental Skills

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2. Adopting a Healthy Lifestyle 

Adopting a Health Lifestyle is something, which should be inculcated in every Kid. The Benefits are numerous i.e. Good Health, Effective Time Management, Better handling of Stress etc.

✔️Early to Bed & Early to Rise – A great Way to Manage time effectively and Good for Human Mind & Body 

✔️Clean Eating – With adulterations and preservatives infused in almost everything we consume outside it’s high time we inculcate the healthy eating Habits in our kids which basically means Homemade Food and less dependency on outside food.

✔️Exercise /Walks amidst Nature /Yoga /Meditation: Teach them to take care of their Heart and Mind by ditching stairs and walking as much as possible to pump up the Heart.

3.Faith in Almighty 

Teach them to Pray and Believe for there is Supreme power which takes care of almost everything in Life .The power of Prayers is nearly equal to Magic and it leaves a sheer sense of satisfaction communicating and sharing your side of story to the Almighty each single day by remembering him in your Prayers 

✔️Narrate the Bedtime stories of Good vs. Evil, Power of Prayers 

✔️Encourage them to Visit Temple once in a while

✔️Involve them when Performing Prayers at Home 

4. Self Defense 

We certainly don’t need Taekwondo or Kung Fu experts in the house but we definitely need to teach them how to protect themselves in the event of unwanted circumstances.

✔️Teach them the Basic Security measures 

✔️Enrollment in Self Defense Classes 

Love Your Environment

5. Protecting Environment 

We take care of our Health and forget about the Health of the Environment, which somewhere impacts Human Health in return hence; it’s important to take care of our Environment too by following good environment practices.

✔️Buy a Plant and ask your kids to water them daily. Narrate them the importance of Plants and Trees to our surroundings

✔️Teach them the Hazards Plastics can do to Human Health and practice not using them at Home too since Kids learn from Home.

✔️Utilize the Eco Friendly items at home and don’t forget to Narrate your kid the importance of Eco Friendly stuffs.

6. Moral Values -Treating people with Respect, Kindness, Goodness

Inculcating Moral values in kids right from the childhood stage is important and beneficial too as these values form the Foundation of a Good Human being.

✔️Treat servants with Respect and Kindness. Don’t use Bad words or be Harsh to them.

✔️Teach them to Greet Elders 

✔️Ask kids to Feed animals (Cows, Birds) or offer Food to poor and needy 

Building Relationships

7. Building Healthy Relationships

It’s very important we teach them to make new friends, Sit and spend time with Family physically and not just digital presence like video calls, chats and so on. Healthy Relationships are the foundation of Good emotional health and our support in tough times 

✔️Make visits to your Friends and Family 

✔️Limit the Mobile talks instead go out visit your neighbors or visit park and make physical presence  It’s also a great idea to Share with them your Life stories, Experiences, your Learnings, which will help them to be Wise. Narrate them the positive side of your Experiences and how you dealt with them. Kids Love to listen so go ahead and utilize your experiences and learnings to shape their Future.

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I am Kanupriya Singh, a Mom from Gurgaon, an IT Professional by Profession and Blogger by Passion. I Love to Write, Read, Travel, Dance and Shop. A Yoga and Meditation Lover and Strong Believer of Karma.


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